This is a set menu for 20 people.
The package will include the following for R6000: 


  • 40 x Deconstructed jalapeño poppers
    Deep-fried onion ring topped with a jalapeño ball made from j
    alapeños, bacon, cream cheese and garlic. 

  • 60 x Profiteroles (3 different flavours)
    Lemon meringue, salted caramel, strawberry cheesecake and decadent brownie are the flavours to choose from. 

  • 20 x Cranberry burger sliders 
    Cranberry beef patties and garnish on sliders.

  • 20 x Beef brisket sliders
    Beef brisket made with a Jack Daniels and honey sauce on sliders

  • 40 x Mini quiches 
    Spinach and feta mini quiches

  • 40 x Chicken liver pâté crisps
    Small biscuit topped with chicken liver pâté, bacon bits and a homemade red pepper sauce

  • 40 x Pickled beetroot crispbread and chives 
    Crispbread topped with beetroot purée, pickled beetroot, Danish feta cheese and chives aioli

  • 40 x Tomato and basil pesto tarts
    Puff pastry disk topped with a cherry tomato, pickled red onion and basil pesto

  • 40 x Tempura Mushrooms
    Deep-fried tempura mushrooms with a garlic aioli